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Peter Delight Painters is an owner run and owner managed business that was started by Peter Makona in 2011. Peter is proud to put his name behind his teams work because they always strive to provide the highest standards of workmanship, and they never leave a job without cleaning up and ensuring that they DELIGHT their customers.  We have been blessed enough to meet and work with the Durban community and provide them with the following services:

Internal Painting

Although we get excited when a customer goes from one extreme colour to another, we also admire it, when a subtle change enhances and complements a room.

External Painting

Nothing improves the look and value of your property like a fresh coat of paint.

Domestic Painting

The best part about painting our customers’ homes is that not only do we get to see where they live, but we also get to know the whole family.

Commercial Painting

We enjoy the challenge of painting in offices and buildings because our customers are still working while we are painting, and we have to plan our work so that we don’t disturb them.

Industrial Painting

Painting manufacturing plants and workshops give us an opportunity to learn about how things are made. We use the correct paint to ensure that their chemicals don’t affect the lifespan of the paint.

Floor Painting

A painted floor is easier to keep clean and it also brightens up your garage or room.

School Painting

We worked night shifts and school holidays to ensure that we don’t disturb any of the learners at school.

Roof Painting

One of the reasons why we love painting roofs is because it always gives the best views of Durban.

Painting Boundary Walls and Gates

Painting boundary walls and gates means the whole neighbourhood has a chance to see our hard work and standard of workmanship.

High-Pressure Cleaning

We clean the surfaces that we paint to increase the lifespan of the paint job. But over the years a lot of customers have asked us to just clean their home and businesses to improve the look and value of their property.


We have plastered new walls as well as cleaned up and fixed existing plastered walls.


Preparing the surface is the most important task when painting, so we always skim the walls to ensure a smooth surface before we paint.

Sanding and Varnishing

Over the years we have sanded and varnished every wood surface from decks to garage doors and windows frames and even roof trusses.

Transportation of Goods

Our famous bakkie has worked hard moving everything from customer’s furniture, household goods, tools, equipment and even office files and documents.

Dumping Rubbish

Our daily work includes going to the dump to get rid of all the customers rubbish, broken goods and garden clean ups.

Our 5-Star Ratings

Peter Delight Painters live up to their name; I am delighted with their work and my interiors look delightful. Peter and his team offer professional service with prompt responses to every query or request. He has good relationships with the paint suppliers and his prices are very reasonable too.

The team worked extra long hours to ensure that our painting was done in the shortest time possible without compromising on the standard of work delivered.

Most contractors I have dealt with in the past only arrive at 9 in the morning and leave by 3pm; furthermore, they take days to simply give you a quote and give you a hard time if you ask for changes.

Peter and his team make sure that before they expect final payment, you are happy with their work. I do not hesitate to recommend them.

My whole house was painted, the ceilings, walls and hallways. Some plastering was done as well as high pressure cleaning of awnings and patio tiles.

I love the fact that he has women on his team too.

Penny De Vries

I found Peter Makona via Facebook (of all places) and decided to give a “smaller” guy a chance. Peter came in to see me and I was impressed with his general demeanour and knowledge on what was required.

He quoted me a price for my entire home that was MOST competitive and agreed that I can source my own materials. His team are as honest and as pleasant as he is and spent an inordinate amount of time prepping my surfaces and not once did I feel things were being rushed or that half jobs were being done. They have painted far quicker and far better than ANY reputable contracting firm that I have ever had on site. The first coat of paint was so well done that I seriously contemplated whether a second coat was necessary. His team are completely trustworthy and I have left them unsupervised in my home without any reservations so that they could access the various roofs. Their work ethic and disposition is truly refreshing and I have finally found a contractor I certainly will use again in future for whatever I might require assistance with.

 He offers a variety of services outside of their primary job of contract painting. They certainly know how to work without attitude or complaint! Peter Makona is certainly approachable and most accommodating regardless of what is required and NEVER does he try to make excuses or justify anything that is questioned. There is none of that cheap lip service, they get on with the job and deliver exactly what is required.

Juan Postma

For a free quote in and around the Durban area please contact Peter on 074 214 7433

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